Atlas Roof Lantern - Traditional Style (2000mm x 4000mm) In White - Double Glazed - Self clean Solar Neutral

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The Atlas Roof Lantern - Traditional Style (2000mm x 4000mm) In White - Double Glazed - Self clean Solar Neutral is a modern, slimline aluminium roof perfect for flooding your home with natural light.
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Atlas Roof Lantern - Traditional Style (2000mm x 4000mm) In White - Double Glazed - Self clean Solar Neutral

The Atlas Roof Lantern is a modern, slimline aluminium roof perfect for flooding your home with natural light. The combination of slim sightlines and terrific energy ratings make this one of the most popular lanterns on the market today.

  • Slimline frames and rafters for more visible glass.
  • Stock sizes delivered in just 5 working days.
  • Self-cleaning glass as standard.
  • Pre-cut and labelled for easy installation.
  • Electric vent option for additional ventilation.

Product Roof Lantern 2.0
Style Regular (Traditional)
Glass Double Glazed - Self clean Solar Neutral
Ext. Colour White
Int. Colour White
Spacer Bar Black Warm Edge (silver line is visible externally)
Roof Vent None
Size 2000mm x 4000mm (Stock size)
Width 2000mm
Length 4000mm
Pitch 25
Max Height Restriction If a specific maximum is required please contact us

Material & Options:

Brand/Model: Atlas Roof Lantern 2.0
Material: Aluminium
Delivery Time: 5 Working Days Stock, 3-4 Weeks Bespoke Size*
Glazing: 28mm Double Glazed/44mm Triple Glazed
Vent Options: Manual with pole/electric (switch operated)
Standard Colours: Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), Black (RAL 9005), White, Bespoke RAL Colours (Quote RAL colours here!)

*Delivery time is a typical example and is dependent on postcode and current workload.


Max-Sizes: Contemporary: 1500mm (W) x 3000mm (L), Regular: 4000mm (W) x 6000mm (L).

Contemporary lanterns have no rafters, so they have four complete sections of glass. Regular lanterns can be made to larger sizes and will have one or more rafters in each section depending on the overall size. A CAD drawing will be sent to you for sign-off once the order is placed.


U Value: from 0.95 W/m²K
2022 Document L compliant

Measuring Guide for Atlas Roof Lanterns

Atlas Measuring Guide 1

The essential measurement is the external kerb, as shown in the above diagram. Looking at the base (or kerb) that the lantern is going to be fitted to, this outside measurement is the one that we need on both length and width.

image of construction of atlas roof lantern

The kerb is typically built out of timber, and the ideal width is 80mm. Please note the absolute minimum kerb width is 67mm.

Ventilation is not usually required with roof products, as this is taken care of mainly through windows, doors and air bricks. If ventilation in the roof is required (or is your preference), then a lantern is the best option as we have a choice of manual and remote-operated roof vents. Roof lights are always fixed and cannot be opened.

Our roof products are designed to be easy to fit for people with DIY experience and experienced tradesmen. Roof lights come pre-glazed for easy installation and roof lanterns come with illustrated instructions and clearly labelled, pre-cut parts. However, it is always wise to have the products fitted by somebody with experience present.

Please also remember that the product can require several people to lift the heavy glass units, and working at a height always requires appropriate health and safety measures are observed.

Yes, we can offer marine-grade upgrades for customers who live within 10 miles of the coast.

The best energy rating we can is a roof lantern with 44mm triple glazing, which can achieve a U value as low as 0.6.

The glass itself should be cleaned in the normal way, with a soft sponge and warm water with mild detergent. As some roof products may have restricted access we offer self-cleaning glass as standard, which has a coating on to help remove dirt particles when rainwater hits it.

Planning permission is not typically required to install a roof lantern or roof light. Both products are usually considered as permitted development providing they meet the following criteria:

The roof lantern/light must not protrude any higher than 150mm from the existing roof plane.

The roof lantern/light must not be any higher than the highest part of the house roof.

Any side facing windows must be obscure glazed and any openings must be 1.7m above the floor.

The above restrictions are for alterations to houses, and there are slightly different guidelines for flats, maisonettes, and converted houses. As ever, advice on planning permission is always subject to change, so always check with your local council or building authority, and exercise particular caution if you live in a conservation area or listed building.

For new builds and extensions, the products will need building regulations consent and must meet the current recommended minimum requirements. Further accreditations such as document Q, PAS24 and Police Approved may not be essential, but check that your architect or authority have not specified this.

Lean to roofs are not part of our standard range, but we can supply them by special request. Please refer to our Atlas brochure for information on lean-to roofs. If you are interested in a quote, please send to our sales team.

Below are the different glass options explained, along with when they might be suitable. We default to A rated glass standard.

Celsius Elite - High-performance glass with a blue tint and easy clean coating. The most energy-efficient glass on the market today, and the highest performing.

Self Cleaning Clear - Clear glass with a self cleaning coating.

Self Cleaning Blue - Blue tinted glass with a self-cleaning coating.

Self Cleaning Neutral - A neutral tinted glass with a self-cleaning coating.

Self Cleaning Blue 44mm triple glazed - As above but 44mm triple glazed (better energy rating than double glazed).

Self Cleaning Neutral 44mm triple glazed - As above but 44mm triple glazed (better energy rating than double glazed).

We only use industry-leading brands for our products, which is especially important when considering roof lanterns or roof lights as they can vary greatly in quality. We proudly display every brand we supply, and any research into these brands will confirm they are of impeccable quality.

It is important to choose a reputable roof product, as once installed it can be problematic to carry out remedial work. Our roof products are not only considered the strongest on the market, but they are renowned for their ease of installation (all parts are cut and clearly labelled with illustrated installation instructions).

A contemporary roof lantern will not have any roof bars between the four sections, so you are left with four panes of glass. This is great for maximum glass area, but it does mean these roofs have a size restriction of 1500mm in width and 3 metres in length.

A regular roof lantern is more of a traditional look, and will have roof bars in each of the four sections. The number of roof bars depends on the overall size, which is why we always provide a detailed CAD drawing once your order is placed. For this reason, regular roof lanterns can be made in bigger sizes of up to 4 metres in width and 3 metres in length.

Maximum sizes are up to 1400mm in width and 6 metres in length.

Maximum sizes are up to 4 metres in width and 3 metres in length for regular roof lanterns.

Maximum sizes are up to 1500mm in width and 3 metres in length for contemporary roof lanterns.

This size best suits our lantern profile, which has an internal groove just the right size for your plasterboard to be fitted and run flush, leaving a clean and professional internal finish.

A tie bar is an internal T-shaped bar that may be required when a roof exceeds a certain size. You may have seen these before on large conservatory roofs, and they essentially tie the rafters together and further support the roof structure, preventing excess load or collapse.

Our software can calculate when tie bars are required, here are the general rules for our roof lanterns based on size:

Up to 2.5 metres wide - no tie bars required

Up to 3.8 metres - hidden tie bar

Up to 5 metres (depending on design) - rafter tie bar

Any order for a roof lantern will receive a technical CAD drawing for your sign off and approval. This is not usually required on a roof light.

Roof lanterns come as standard with a 25-degree pitch, and roof lights are recommended to be fit on a 5-degree pitch. We can alter this depending on your requirements but recommend these pitches.

Yes, we can offer roof vents that are either manual opening with a pole or electronic with a remote control or wall-mounted switch.

Firstly, both options will give you an abundance of natural light! Here are some key points and considerations which should help you decide which is the best fit for you:

Rooflights are well suited to projects that dont want to add any extra height to a building.

Lanterns are seen as more of a feature and will likely be the central focus of the room. Roof lights offer a more subtle, understated look but still offer lots of natural light.

Rooflights are cheaper than lanterns, but often you will require more than one so the cost does even out. For example, on a standard 6m x 3m rear extension you would choose between either a central roof lantern or 2/3 roof lights, depending on your design preference.

Both products are fairly easy to install, roof lights in particular as they arrive pre-glazed for easy installation. Roof lanterns will come with the glass units separate to fit on site.

Consider the look of the products from the upper floor of the house. Do some of the bedroom windows face directly onto the roof? If so decide which product you would rather look at every day - the subtle roof light squares or the more grandiose lantern. Only you can answer this question!

Roof lights do not open, but if you do need some kind of ventilation in your roof product a lantern may be more suitable as we can offer roof vents for these.

Basically yes, a skylight is the American term and some people do refer to a roof light as a skylight. Our product is referred to as a flat roof light, as it is non-opening and sits at a slight pitch.

The Atlas roof lantern is considered the strongest on the market and is the perfect compliment to a new extension or refurbished room. The ultra-low sight-lines make it much more attractive than competitors roof lanterns!

The roof bars are also slimmer than normal at only 40mm. This gives a more contemporary look with more visible glass area, in comparison to most other lanterns on the market that have a much bulkier appearance.

Of course, the main benefit of any roof lantern or flat roof-light is the expanse of natural light you will get into the home. There is no better way to create a feeling of light and space than by installing a glazed roof product, which is why they are now almost standard on single-storey rear extensions. If you are adding an extension to your home and looking to create a more open plan, expansive feel, then a roof lantern or roof lights are highly recommended. or download Atlas Lantern Technical Changes using the buttons below

Atlas Lantern Technical Changes

View Download or download Atlas ACK4 Window Actuator using the buttons below

Atlas ACK4 Window Actuator

View Download or download Atlas Retail Brochure using the buttons below

Atlas Retail Brochure

View Download or download Atlas Lantern Installation Guide using the buttons below

Atlas Lantern Installation Guide

View Download or download Atlas Kerb Detail Drawing using the buttons below

Atlas Kerb Detail Drawing

View Download or download Atlas Lantern Data Sheet using the buttons below

Atlas Lantern Data Sheet

View Download

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Glazed Roof Lantern

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We have a range of 19 popular roof designs available from stock in just 5 working days*, including glass! This unbeatable lead time means you don’t have to wait to get your project completed.

*Based on standard colours/designs. Stock and postcode dependant.

Install in Just
10 Minutes

Our Atlas roofs are pre-assembled and labelled in the factory, arriving with straightforward assembly instructions. This means a standard size lantern can be assembled in just 10 minutes!

7% Slimmer
Frame Than
Roof Lanterns

The Atlas roof lantern has clean, modern lines thanks to the slim outer frames and minimal rafters. The 40mm rafters and slimline ridge mean you get to see more sky and less roof.

Image of a open plan kitchen with a atlas roof lantern overhead
Image of a open plan room with large sliding doors and an atlas roof lantern

Clean glass for inspiring views

Self Cleaning

We supply self-cleaning glass options as standard so you don’t have to worry about constantly getting access to your roof glazing to clean it. Glass is available in clear, blue tinted or neutral tinted.


Add an opening vent if you require additional ventilation in the room. These sleek vents fit discreetly between the rafters, and can be operated manually with a pole or electronically via remote/wall switch.

Kitchen with a atlas roof lantern over head

More Sky.
Less Roof.

The Atlas Lantern 2.0 is the slimmest and most contemporary lantern on the market.