Stunning flush sash aluminium windows for clean lines and modern aesthetics.

Flush Sash

Perfectly flush across the face of the external window, this gives the window a much cleaner look than traditional window openers that protrude the frame. Flush sash works well on both traditional and modern properties.

Image of Smart flush sash windows
Image of Smart flush sash windows

Equal Glass

If aesthetics are important to your project, you’ll love the equal glass lines that you get with flush sash windows. All sashes and glass lines will run through level, offering a visually pleasing overall look.

Building Regulations

Our flush sash aluminium windows meet the energy and security ratings to meet new stricter 2022 building regulations.

Image of some government building regulation brochures.

Colour Range

Choose from a range of 3 stock colours (Anthracite Grey, White & Black) or go for something more bespoke. We offer over 200 RAL colours to pick from, as well as special finishes from the ‘Smart Sensations’ range by request.

Triple Glazing

Upgrade to 36mm triple glazing for maximum thermal efficiency. Triple glazing also offers improved sound reduction, which is handy if you have a lot of external noise nearby.

rendered image of 3 panes of glass