Cladco 2.2m Aluminium Skirting Trim


Why Choose our 2.2m Aluminium Skirting Trim

Give your finished decking a polished look with our 2.2m Aluminium Skirting Trim that seals and finishes your project. Each of our skirting trims are manufactured using high-quality aluminium that offers strong and hard-wearing properties, giving you a robust alternative to composite trims.

Our 2.2m Aluminium Skirting Trims are designed for ease of fitting to the edges of your decking, creating an aesthetically pleasing border that frames the completed project.

Skirting Length: 2.2m

Skirting Width: 55mm

Skirting Depth: 3mm

Each aluminium skirting trim weighs approximately 2.2kg

Aluminium Skirting Trims to Finish Your Project

Ideal for any exterior landscape and for either domestic grade or commercial composite boards, our Aluminium skirting trims give your project a sleek finish that stands out. For further help on how to put your project together, please see our installation guides for assistance and don’t hesitate to contact us.