Understanding Auto Slam Shut Locks: What are they?


An auto slam shut door lock is a type of locking mechanism designed to automatically engage and secure the door as soon as it is closed. This feature provides an added level of convenience and security.

When it comes to safeguarding your home and ensuring its security, an extra layer of caution is always a smart choice. 

Staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in home security technology is essential. One such innovation rising in popularity with customers is the auto slam shut lock. This type of lock provides a level of convenience and protection that other, more traditional locks can’t. 

In this article, we’ll dive into what auto slam shut locks are and uncover why they stand out as one of the ultimate security solutions for a home. 

GFD Homes Slam shut door lock: Auto slam shut door lock in close view.
Here is an auto slam shut door lock up close

Auto slam shut locks are extremely popular due to the increased level of security they offer a home. 

The significance of home security 

Burglaries and break-ins can occur unpredictably and in any location. This is why it’s extremely important to invest in a comprehensive security system for your home. 

While there are a large range of security measures available, such as security cameras and alarm systems, the fundamental aspect of a home’s security rests on the locks. 

This is where auto slam-shut locks come into play. 

What are auto slam-shut locks? 

An auto slam shut lock, in essence, is a type of door locking mechanism that operates seamlessly and enhances security. Auto slam shut locks automatically engage when you close the door, leaving you with just one simple task: turning the key to lock the deadbolt in position.

The mechanism of auto slam shut locks is not only straightforward, but also extremely efficient. These locks incorporate a combination of magnets and sensors that can detect when the door is closed. 

All you have to do is slam the door shut and just turn the key, saving you valuable time and effort when in a hurry. 

GFD Homes Slam shut door lock: Our Comp Door Harlington installed in our showroom.
Our popular Comp Door Harlington installed in our showroom

All doors in our Comp Door range come fitted with an auto slam shut lock as standard. 

What are the advantages of using auto slam shut locks?

When it comes to these types of locks, one of their primary merits is the sheer convenience that they offer. With auto slam shut locks, you can rest easy knowing that you have a highly secure locking system in place. 

Beyond the realm of convenience, these locks significantly elevate the security of your residence. Less secure industry  locks can sometimes be susceptible to picking or tampering, but auto slam shut locks fortify your defences. Their automatic engagement ensures the lock is always engaged and once the key has been turned, you have a formidable barrier that deter intruders from gaining entry.

Here’s a breakdown of some key features and benefits of using auto slam shut locks:


Auto slam shut locks excel in the convenience department. No longer will you need to remember to pull any levers up and down, a simple slam and straightforward key turn is all it takes to activate the lock. 

Stop Bowing 

Another key benefit of choosing to install an auto slam shut lock is that it will stop your composite door from bowing as the lock firmly holds the door in place 24/7.

Enhanced Security

At GFD Homes, we understand the importance of the security of your entryway. Traditional locks can be vulnerable to tampering or accidental forgetfulness, but auto slam shut locks eliminate these risks by automatically engaging the locking mechanism as soon as the door is shut. All you need to do is a simple key turn and you can go on your way, without any worry about your front door security.

This feature not only bolsters security but also grants peace of mind, particularly in areas where security is a top concern.

Time Efficiency: 

Auto slam shut locks save time by eliminating the need to carry out a range of tasks to ensure the door is closed. With just a quick door slam and simple key turn, these locks truly exemplify convenience. 

Comparing an auto slam shut door lock to traditional solutions 

Having thoroughly explored the features and benefits of auto slam shut locks, it’s essential to assess their superiority in comparison to other security options. While traditional locks offer a basic level of security, they rely on a large amount of human interaction, making them susceptible to errors. Moreover, experienced intruders can easily pick or bypass traditional locks.

In contrast, auto slam shut locks deliver a level of convenience and reliability that traditional locks simply cannot match. 

The automatic engagement feature eliminates the possibility of leaving your doors unlocked, and once the key has been turned, the advanced technology embedded in these locks ensures a heightened level of security. When pitted against alternative security solutions, auto slam shut locks seamlessly integrate into your home security system, providing an unparalleled additional layer of protection.

GFD Homes Slam shut door lock: Comp Door Middleton composite door in Blue.
<em>Image <em><a href=httpswwwgfdhomescoukcomp door composite doorsproductcomp door middleton glazed 4 composite doorcolour=3><em>Comp Door Middleton Composite Door<em><a><em> GFD Homes <em><a href=httpswwwgfdhomescoukblogteesside showroom now open><em>Showroom<em><a><em><em>

Choose composite doors equipped with an auto slam shut door lock as standard 

Auto slam shut locks represent a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of home security.

Here at GFD Homes, all doors in our Comp Door range come fitted with a slam shut lock and an ABS 3 star-rated lock as standard, to give you that peace of mind.

GFD Homes Slam shut door lock: Comp Door composite door options and prices.
Comp Door composite doors: Get an instant quote online.

If you’re local to the Teesside area and would like to test out an auto slam shut lock in person, feel free to book a visit to our impressive Teesside showroom by calling our team on 01642 309576. 

For more information on our Comp Door range, head over to our website

FAQs about auto slam shut door lock 

Is an auto slam shut door lock secure enough?

Absolutely. Auto slam shut locks have been carefully designed to provide enhanced security features compared to more traditional industry locks. They’re extremely difficult to pick or force open, even with an anti-drill or tamper-proof design. 

Is an auto slam shut door lock suitable for all types of doors or are there specific requirements that need to be met? 

Yes, auto slam shut locks are suitable for all types of doors, with no specific door requirements that need to be met. 

All doors in our Comp Door collection come with an auto-slam shut lock installed as standard. 

Are there any potential drawbacks or limitations to consider when opting for an auto slam shut door lock? 

With the increase in security they offer a home, the only potential limitation/ drawback to consider is the higher price tag.

Are there any maintenance required for an auto slam shut door lock to help ensure their long-term functionality? 

Other than ensuring correct installation and an occasional lubrication for optimum function, there aren’t any major maintenance requirements for this type of lock. 

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