Choosing the Perfect Composite Door: Here’s What You Need to Consider


A Comp Door composite new front door provides numerous benefits, including a solid timber core, auto fire locking, CoolSkin technology, 1.4 U Value and triple sealed frames for better weatherproofing.

Choosing a new front door for your home may seem like a small decision in the grand scheme of home improvements, but it’s a big deal. It’s not just about looks- it’s about making your home safer, cosier and more ‘you’.

When it comes to the number one spot for door types, composite doors remain firm as the go-to choice, thanks to all the benefits that come with them, including increased durability, strength and energy efficiency. 

To help you choose the right composite door for your home, in this article we’ll discuss the various factors you need to consider before you go ahead and make a decision. 

GFD Composite New Front Door Benefits 

To break down the various benefits of opting for a composite door, we’ve brought in Ryan, our GFD Homes Operations Manager. He’ll guide us through the top benefits of a GFD Composite door. 

Click on the video below to watch. 

Ryan from the GFD Homes team explaining the benefits of Comp Door composite door.

If you’re unable to watch the video, don’t worry! Here’s a quick recap of everything Ryan has covered. 

CoolSkin Technology  

GFD Homes Front door: Composite door with scratches, zoomed in view.
Composite door

“Now with most suppliers, they have a painted finish slab, so what that means is if you’ve got your key rings, your prams, your buggies, your shopping, or your bikes going in and out of the household, which is very common on a day-to-day basis, if you ever do knock your new front door, you’ll be able to see scratches behind it. This takes away the maintenance-free of your new composite door.”

GFD Homes New front door: Comp Door Cambridge in French Grey in our GFD Homes showroom.
<em>Image Source <em><a href=httpswwwgfdhomescoukblogteesside showroom now open><em>GFD Homes Showroom<em><a><em><em>

‘With our skin, we have a 1.4 mil thick ABS cool skin technology that goes over the slab of the door. So if you ever do knock it for whatever reason, you won’t be able to see the scratches, it’s the same colour throughout that 1.4 worth of skin. Now, with the cool skin technology, it also protects from the heat absorption of the door. So if you’ve got a door that has a lot of sunlight coming at it, you won’t have any cracks in the moulds, and it’s very good for durability.”

Solid Timber Core 

GFD Homes Front door: Comp Door composite door slab zoomed in and benefits.
Comp Door composite door benefits

(Image Source: GFD Homes – Showroom)

“Moving on to the slab of the door next, we have a 48 mil thick timber core slab. So most suppliers offer a GRP front door, so that’s a hardened form inside where with our doors, we actually do have a timber core inside, as you can see here. So it’s very good for strength and durability throughout its lifespan, and it achieves a minimum of 1.4 U value. So even though it’s timber, it still is very good for keeping the heat inside of your home.”

GFD Homes Front door: Comp Door composite door timber core slab.
Comp Door composite door timber core slab

Triple Sealed Frames

GFD Homes Front door: Comp Door composite door triple sealed frames.
Comp Door composite door triple sealed frames

(Image Source: GFD Homes – Showroom)

“Moving on to the inside of the frame, now we have a triple seal. Most suppliers have a double seal, one being your weatherproofing gasket on the outside, and another being the wool pile on the inside to stop any drafts from coming through. Our doors, we have a triple seal, so we’d have the same weatherproofing gasket on the outside, and we actually have two wool piles on the inside, so it’s that added protection against any drafts coming through your new door, which of course, nobody wants.”

Auto Firing Lock 

GFD Homes New front door: Comp Door composite door auto firing lock.
Comp Door composite door auto firing lock

(Image Source: GFD Homes – Showroom

“Most door suppliers’ locking systems have a handle which requires you to engage upwards to engage the hooks top and bottom. What that does, it secures your door slab in place to the frame to stop it from warping or bowing. With our door, you don’t need to do that. It’s an auto firing lock. You simply close the door and no need to engage the handle, and you just simply lock it and you’re done.”

Find Your Dream Composite New Front Door with GFD Homes 

“Here at GFD Homes, we can either work with you or for you with delivery only and installation options available. 

Delivery only options, we can work with your builders, your joiners, or your project managers, all about the technical aspects of your door that you require, and we can deliver direct to your home address or to your contractors preferred address.” 

GFD Homes New front door: GFD Homes online door designer.
GFD Homes online door designer

With our easy-to-use door designer, you’ll be able to design your dream door in no time.

“Working for you, we have an installation service available, so we have a five-year warranty against all installations carried out by GFD Homes. We handle everything from survey, delivery through installation, as well as your warranty period after that.” 

GFD Homes Front door: Comp Door options and prices.
Comp Door: Get an instant quote online.

Now, you wouldn’t buy your dream home without reviewing first. The same should apply to your dream new front door. We have a state-of-the-art showroom here in the North East with all the products on show for any project size, we have the team that can design your door digitally and the materials lab working to explore bold statements for your new door.”

Can You Get a Quote for A New Composite Door in Under 1 min?

Click on the video below to find out.

Design a Comp Door easily in 1 minute.

Yes, you can with GFD Homes.

“To get an instant no obligation quote for one of our doors, click here

Alternatively, call us on 01642 309576 to book a showroom appointment or call one of our leading experts who’ll be happy to help.”

FAQs about Choosing The Perfect Composite New Front Door 

Why is a composite front door so special? 

One of the main reasons why composite doors are so special is due to their construction. Composite doors offer the best of both worlds, the strength and durability of a wooden door, combined with the weather resistance and low maintenance of uPVC.

Is a composite front door better than a uPVC front door?

Composite doors are generally considered to be better than uPVC doors. This is down to them being more stronger, durable and more secure. This makes them one of the best choices for homes where security is a concern. 

Also, many homeowners opt for a composite door as they believe the door is much more appealing to the eye  thanks to the high quality wood grain finish, as opposed to a uPVC door. 

Are composite doors energy efficient? 

If you’re looking to improve your homes energy efficiency, Composite doors are a go-to option. The use of multiple materials in their construction provides excellent thermal insulation. 

The Comp Door composite door was the first solid-timber composite door to achieve a U-value of 1.4, making the door the most thermally efficient in its class. 

What is the Comp Door? 

The Comp Door is a well-known, innovative composite new front door that has been designed by some of the best leading figures in the industry. The Comp Door stands as a remarkable testament to both innovation and quality. 

Different to most composite doors, the Comp Door features a solid timber-core design that addresses seasonal movement challenges, meaning the door looks and performs great all year round. 

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