Does a Roof Lantern Let in More Light? 


Considering ways to elevate your living space with an infusion of natural light? One architectural feature that has truly captured the spotlight in this quest is the roof lantern.  

This stylish addition not only enhances the visual appeal of a home but also plays a crucial role in brightening up interior spaces. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the question: Does a roof lantern let in more light? 

From exploring the design intricacies to comparing roof lanterns with other light-enhancing options, and delving into which rooms benefit the most, we’ve got your guide to transforming your living spaces into well-lit sanctuaries. 

So, let’s shed some light on the subject! 

How a roof lantern lets in more light 

Here are the main ways a roof lantern can let in more light: 

Design and shape 

The design and shape of a roof lantern plays a crucial role in maximising the amount of natural light that enters your home. The strategic positioning of the glass panels and the curvature of the lantern can significantly impact the diversion of sunlight. 


Where you place a roof lantern within your home is equally important. The position should take into account the sun’s trajectory throughout the day, ensuring optimal exposure to sunlight. This thoughtful placement can make a substantial difference in the overall brightness of your living space. 


The type of glazing used in a roof lantern is another key factor. High-quality, energy-efficient glazing can allow more sunlight to penetrate while minimising heat loss, creating a well-lit and comfortable environment. 

Roof lanterns vs skylights for natural light 

When considering options for maximising natural light, roof lanterns often get compared to skylights (more commonly referred to as roof lights in the UK). 

A skylight or roof light is a type of window or opening installed in the roof of a building to allow natural light to enter the spaces. 

When it comes to choosing between roof lanterns and roof lights, the better option depends on your specific needs and preferences, including the characteristics of your space. Neither is inherently better than the other; rather, they have different advantages and considerations.

Roof Lanterns vs windows for natural light 

While standard windows are a traditional source of natural light for many homes, roof lanterns offer a unique advantage. Their elevated position allows light to penetrate more deeply into the room, creating a brighter and more evenly lit space. 

Which rooms benefit from more natural light 

Although roof lanterns can be installed on any flat roof in the home, the rooms that tend to benefit the most from this architectural feature are: 


A well-lit kitchen not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also provides a more functional and inviting space for cooking and gathering.


Natural light in a bathroom can create a refreshing and spa-like atmosphere, making it a more enjoyable space. 

Living room  

The heart of any home, the living room, can be transformed into a cosy and welcoming area with the addition of a roof lantern, bathing the space in natural sunlight. 

Let in the Light with Roof Lanterns from GFD Homes today

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FAQs about Roof Lanterns letting in more light 

How much light does a roof lantern let in? 

The amount of light a roof lantern lets in depends on various factors, including its design, position and glazing. However, the goal is always to maximise natural light while maintaining energy efficiency. 

Is a roof lantern or skylight better for letting in more light? 

When it comes to the better option for letting in more light, the better option all depends on your specific needs and the architectural features of your home. 

Both options can be equally as effective as the other, as long as you choose the right one for your space.

What is the best position for a roof lantern to let in maximum light? 

The best position for a roof lantern to let in maximum light is typically where it can capture the most sunlight throughout the day. 

If you’re still a little unsure about this, feel free to contact our friendly team on 01642 309576, they’ll be more than happy to help! 

What is the difference between a roof light and skylight?

The terms “roof light” and “skylight” are often used interchangeably and it’s important to understand that they both refer to exactly the same thing, a type of window or opening installed on flat roofs to allow natural light to enter interior spaces. In the UK, the term “roof light” is more commonly used, while in Europe, “skylight” is used instead. 

Can a roof lantern be installed in any room? 

Roof lanterns are exceptionally versatile and can be installed in various rooms, including living rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms. However, the choice might depend on the room’s purpose and the desired lighting effect. 

Are roof lanterns suitable for all types of weather? 

High-quality roof lanterns, such as the ones we supply, are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow and intense sunlight. Proper installation and quality materials ensure durability and weather resistance. 

Are roof lanterns customisable in terms of size and design? 

Yes, although our roof lanterns come in standard sizes, you also have the option to choose a bespoke size too.

As well as this, we also have different ranges with different designs so you can find one to suit your architectural styles and preferences perfectly! 

Do roof lanterns contribute to home value? 

The addition of a well-designed roof lantern can enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a home, potentially increasing its market value. However, the impact on the home value can vary based on a range of other factors and the current market condition.

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