Top Benefits of Skylights: Brighten Your Home and Life


Skylights : What are the top Benefits ?

  • Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Bills
  • Mental Health Benefits
  • Increase Natural Light
  • Improve Air Quality and Ventilation
  • Increase Home Value
  • Design Benefits
  • Greater Temperature Control
  • Privacy
  • Make Your Room Appear More Spacious
GFD Homes Top Benefits of Skylights :A home lit by a Korniche Flat Glass Skylight
Skylights Adding skylights to your home lets in a lot more sunlight

Skylights : Introduction

Skylights are a popular addition to many homes, offering a range of benefits from increased natural light to energy efficiency. In this article, we explore the top benefits of skylights in your home, discuss potential disadvantages, and provide tips for maximizing their effectiveness. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how skylights can make your living spaces brighter, more beautiful, and more comfortable.

1. Top Benefits of Skylights : Increase Natural Light

Adding skylights to your home lets in a lot more sunlight, naturally brightening your rooms and making them more vibrant without the need for extra lighting during the day. This not only helps save on electricity bills but also creates a more natural indoor setting, which can enhance your mood and energy levels.

2. Top Benefits of Skylights : Improve Air Quality and Ventilation

Some types of skylights can open up, allowing fresh air to flow in and stale air to flow out. This natural ventilation helps improve the air quality inside your home, eliminating odors and reducing humidity buildup. This is especially beneficial in kitchens and bathrooms where the air can become filled with steam or smoke.

3. Top Benefits of Skylights : Increase Home Value

Skylights are a worthwhile investment as they can increase the overall value of your property. Their design appeal and energy-saving benefits make your home more attractive to potential buyers, enhancing its market value. Skylights can also create the illusion of more space, making rooms feel larger and more welcoming.

4. Top Benefits of Skylights : Design Benefits

Installing a skylight in your home will make it brighter and more beautiful. Skylights highlight your home’s design, bring out the best in colors, and make spaces feel welcoming. They can transform ordinary rooms into stunning areas, adding both aesthetic and functional value.

GFD Homes Top Benefits of Skylights : Korniche Flat Glass Roof Light Cross Section in detail
Skylights Korniche Flat Glass Roof Light Cross Section in detail

5. Top Benefits of Skylights : Greater Temperature Control

Skylights allow you to better manage your home’s temperature. In winter, they let in sunlight that naturally warms your rooms, while in summer, some skylights can be opened to let in cool air. This temperature control helps make your home more comfortable year-round and can lower your heating and cooling costs.

6. Top Benefits of Skylights : Privacy

Skylights offer a unique way to bring in light while maintaining privacy, making them ideal for bathrooms or bedrooms. They provide ample light from above without compromising your privacy, ensuring you get the best of both worlds.

7. Top Benefits of Skylights : Make Your Room Appear More Spacious

Skylights have a unique way of making rooms look bigger. The extra light from above opens up the space, making ceilings seem higher and rooms feel wider. This simple trick can make your home feel more open and inviting without changing its actual size.

8. Top Benefits of Skylights : Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Bills

Skylights reduce the need for electrical lighting during the daytime, helping you save money on your electricity bills and conserve energy. Modern skylights are designed with energy efficiency in mind, featuring insulating qualities that help maintain indoor temperature levels. In winter, they capture the sun’s heat to reduce heating needs, while in summer, vented skylights allow hot air to escape, naturally cooling the house.

GFD Homes Top Benefits of Skylights : 3D render of a Skylight against the internal plasterboard of a home. System shown is the Korniche Flat Glass System
Skylights 3D render of a Skylight against the internal plasterboard of a home System shown is the Korniche Flat Glass System

9. Top Benefits of Skylights : Mental Health Benefits

Exposure to natural light through skylights can have positive impacts on health and wellness, including improved mood, enhanced sleep, and greater productivity. Skylights act as channels for sunlight, helping maintain natural body rhythms and supporting overall health.

Disadvantages of Skylights

While they offer a range of benefits, skylights can also come with a few disadvantages:

1. Over-lighting and Overheating

While bright light and natural heat are benefits, excessive amounts can damage your space. In hotter months, rooms with skylights can overheat, making them uncomfortable. Proper placement, size, and features like solar control and integrated blinds can help manage this.

2. Heat Loss

In winter, skylights can let heat escape if not properly insulated. Choosing skylights with double-glazed glass and warm edge spacers can mitigate this issue, ensuring better insulation.

3. Cleaning Challenges

Cleaning skylights can be difficult and dangerous due to their location. Opt for high-quality skylights with self-cleaning glass to reduce maintenance needs.

4. Roof Leaks

Improper installation can lead to roof leaks. It’s crucial to hire experienced professionals and choose high-quality products to prevent such issues.

5. Expense

Skylights are an investment and can be more expensive than standard windows. However, the long-term benefits in energy savings and home value often outweigh the initial costs.

6. Possible Roof & Interior Damage

Installing skylights involves roof reconstruction, which can lead to potential damage if not done correctly. Ensure your roof meets building regulations and consider the potential impact on your interior.

Considerations and Tips for Skylight Installation

Where to Put Your Skylight

Choosing the right place to install your skylight is crucial to maximize natural light while avoiding excessive heat during summer months. Fixed skylights are usually less expensive but don’t offer the same benefits in terms of ventilation or cooling as opening skylights.

How to Choose the Best Skylight

When selecting a skylight, consider the aesthetic of your house, the structure of your roof, and your specific needs, such as more light or fresh air. Look at the structural integrity of the roof and ensure the skylight fits well with the rest of the house. Features like UV blocking glass, strong insulation, and rain detectors can impact cost but provide additional benefits.

Tips for Installing Skylights

Proper installation is key to ensuring your skylight does not leak and maintains the desired temperature. Hire qualified professionals from a reputable building or roofing firm. Ensure your skylight installation meets the ‘Permitted Development’ rights to avoid needing planning permission. These requirements include:

  • The skylight will not protrude more than 15cm above the roof’s plane.
  • The skylight will not extend over the roof ridge or be higher than the roof’s highest point.
  • Any side-facing windows that are more than 1.7m above the ground and overlook neighbors must be obscure-glazed.
  • Any side-facing windows under 1.7m above the ground must not be able to be opened.
  • No changes are made to the chimney, flue, soil or vent pipe, or solar panels.
GFD Homes Top Benefits of Skylights: Skylight options with prices.
Skylights : Get an Instant Quote online

Top benefits of skylights: conclusion

When it comes to the top benefits of skylights, it’s clear that they offer a large range of benefits from increasing natural light and improving air quality to enhancing home value and mental health. By considering the right placement, type, and features, you can maximize these benefits and enjoy a brighter, more comfortable home. For more information or to explore skylight options, contact us today.

FAQs about the Top Benefits of Skylights

How long do skylights last?

Typically, skylights can last upwards of 20 years if installed correctly and maintained properly.

Can you leave a skylight open when it rains?

This is not recommended as water could leak into your property and cause damage.

How often do skylights need maintenance?

It is recommended that skylights are inspected at least once annually, to clean the skylight and ensure all fixtures and fittings are not damaged.

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