Are Roof Lanterns Noisy In The Rain?


Roof lanterns can add a touch of elegance and brightness to any living space, but one common concern among potential buyers is their performance in adverse weather conditions, particularly when it rains. 

The pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof can be soothing for some, but for others, it might raise concerns about excessive noise and potential leaks. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of roof lanterns and rain to uncover whether they’re noisy during rainfall and explore strategies to mitigate any disturbances. 

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The allure of Roof Lanterns lies in their aesthetic appeal, drawing homeowners towards choosing a glazed roof for their homes. 

Roof lanterns in the rain 

Rainfall on a roof lantern can create varying degrees of noise depending on several factors, including the material, design, and installation of the lantern. Traditionally, glass or polycarbonate panes are used in roof lanterns, which can amplify the sound of rain hitting the surface. 

However, certain measures can help minimise this noise and create a more comfortable environment.

Are roof lanterns noisy when it rains?

The noise level of a roof lantern during rainfall can be noticeable, but it’s subjective. Some individuals find the sound of raindrops on the glass or polycarbonate panels relaxing, while others may consider it too loud, especially during heavy downpours. 

Certain measures can be put into place to help minimise this noise and create a more comfortable environment. 

How to reduce rain noise 

Here are some effective ways to ensure minimal rain noise for your roof lantern: 

Noise reducing glazing 

Opting for noise-reducing or triple-glazing can significantly diminish the sound of rain hitting the roof lantern. These specialised glazing options consist of multiple layers that absorb and dampen noise, providing a quieter indoor experience during rainy weather.

Reassess the fitting of the lantern 

Proper installation is crucial in reducing potential noise. If a roof lantern isn’t fitted correctly, it might produce more noise during rainfall. Ensuring a tight, secure fit during installation can help mitigate this issue.

Our Korniche Slimline Roof Lantern features expertly designed glazing bars that allow for a stunning minimalistic look. 


Installing blinds or shades can serve a dual purpose: they not only provide privacy and control over light exposure but also act as sound dampeners. Closing blinds during heavy rain can soften the impact of raindrops hitting the lantern’s surface.

Invest In Weatherproof Roof Lanterns with GFD Homes 

At GFD Homes, we prioritise quality and functionality. Our weatherproof roof lanterns are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain. Using premium materials and expert craftsmanship, our roof lanterns are built to prevent leaks during rainfall, ensuring a tranquil indoor atmosphere even amidst a downpour. 

All our roof lanterns come with a fantastic 10 year guarantee, ensuring top-notch quality without any concerns. 

If you’re looking for a roof lantern that minimises rain noise, we suggest considering those from our Atlas Contemporary & Atlas Traditional ranges, with triple glazing. Triple glazing not only enhances energy efficiency, but it also offers great sound reduction capabilities too.

For more information on roof lanterns, call our team on 01642 309576, alternatively, if you live near the Teesside area, you can also book a visit to our showroom where our team can show you a roof lantern in person and help you choose the right one for you. 

FAQs About Roof Lanterns in the Rain 

Do all roof lanterns produce the same amount of noise in the rain?

No, the noise level during rainfall can vary based on factors such as materials used, design, and installation. Higher-quality materials and proper installation techniques can significantly reduce noise.

Here at GFD Homes, we’re proud to offer a popular range of Roof Lanterns, made from the highest quality. Also, for extra peace of mind, all our roof lanterns come with a fantastic 10 year guarantee as standard. 

What types of glazing are best for minimising rain noise?

Laminated or noise-reducing glazing is ideal for minimising rain noise. These specialised glazing options effectively absorb and dampen the sound of raindrops.

We’d recommend choosing triple glazing for your roof lantern as this not only enhances energy efficiency but also improves noise reduction. Our triple glazing option is available on all bespoke sized Atlas Contemporary & Atlas Traditional Roof Lanterns. 

For more information, call our GFD Homes team on 01642 309576

Do roof lanterns leak when it rains?

Well-installed and high-quality roof lanterns typically do not leak during rainfall. Proper sealing and quality materials prevent water ingress, ensuring a watertight structure.

When it comes to choosing an installer for your roof lantern, always choose installers that provide guarantees and have the relevant certification to install (e.g. registered with Certass, Fensa or Assure).

If you’re still not sure, check their reviews too!

What roof lanterns are best for minimising rain noise?

If you’re looking for a roof lantern that will minimise rain noise, we would recommend opting for any of our Atlas Contemporary & Atlas Traditional Roof Lanterns, with triple glazing. Triple glazing not only provides an improved energy rating, but also sound reduction too! This will allow you to enjoy the addition of a roof lantern to your home, without worrying about rain noise. 

Please note: You will have to request a bespoke size for your lantern if you would like to choose the triple glazing option.

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