You know what you want – what you really, really, want

Its been a long time coming but the decision is made, the family is growing older and space has become a premium, the house was starting to look as they say in the best “Estate Agent speak” – very tired. A new family room and a complete change out of the dowdy old doors and windows that are well past their sell by date, throw in some nice new Bi fold and patio doors to open up the garden and a Lantern light for a bit of star gazing what could be easier? Your architect in the interests of economy suggests UPVC windows and bi -folds your builder suggests you spend a bit more money and go for something a bit classier and more durable and go for aluminium. You know that you have to make a decision soon so you have done what any sensible person would do you have turned to “Mr Google”, night after night with the assistance of your good lady you have trawled the internet. Finally, you have a list of preferences but do you really want all those different companies and tradesmen running riot trying to coordinate them all would be a logistical nightmare.  If only there was one company who could provide all of your fenestration needs at competitive prices who could coordinate their own installation activities in liaison with the builder. A personal planning service – but does such a thing exist?

Personal Planning Service

It does and you have to give all the credit to your good lady – she was the one who found it – whilst you were grafting at the day job, she was on the internet checking out colours and styles for your preferred options –

A new composite front door a “Solidor” door in anthracite grey from “Timber Composite Doors” exploring their web site a little more she noted a little logo tucked away with the index of services at the bottom of the home page

Next, she went back to that very helpful web site Bi fold Door Prices where you had found aluminium bi folds and windows and tons of useful information and there at the bottom of the home page she found –

So who were this GFD Group who kept popping up on a number of the web sites you had chosen for your preferences?

Your wife had always fancied herself as a bit of a detective – in best investigative fashion she first “clicked” on the link to GFD Trading Ltd and quickly discovered  that there was a lot more to GFD than she had first thought , not one company but a holding company with eight subsidiaries that had been trading for over ten years and serving both the domestic market and the trade.

Next, she clicked GFD Homes and the answer to the co ordination dilemma was all but resolved – the headliner banner said it all –

After watching the video, she was hooked – just as you were when she presented you with her findings – the match was not perfect but GFD Homes could provide all of your needs coordinated through one supplier.

One telephone call later you explained your requirements –

You wanted a Solidor door but it was not on the GFD Homes site – no problem it was a group product it could be supplied and installed as part of the package.

You rather liked the Warmcore Bi- fold doors – same answer – no problem it was a group product it could be supplied and installed as part of the package.

When you were told you could mix and match any of the products the GFD group supplied and they could be coordinated into one order you just knew that you had found the answer to your problems and it got even better when you were told that if there was a specific product that they did not supply GFD would source and vet it for you and providing it was available it could be supplied as part of the package.

The best part, you were not put under any pressure to make any instant decision’s the friendly staff did not employ aggressive sales techniques they simply answered your questions and advised that “they knew how big a decision this was, take your time – we will still be here when you are ready to proceed”

You used your time well – you checked out the Trust Pilot customer reviews on a number of their sites, you read the consumer advice information, you checked out the technical specification information on your chosen products, you investigated the “financial assistance packages – you made your decision.

A second phone call to confirm your “shopping list” produced some very acceptable quotes, a coordination of dates and agreement to programme etc – you were happy, your architect and your builder were happy – work is about to commence and GFD Homes will be pleased to make your dream home a reality