Love it or hate it the internet is here to stay and it has certainly changed the way we think about shopping – for certain items a visit to your local shops was always essential – particularly for the big value items where you needed to see what you were buying or where items had to be co-ordinated for colour or style. For items such as cars – but we do not deal in cars – we deal in doors, windows, rooflights BI-Fold doors in fact anywhere you have an opening in the external brickwork of your home we have a product to fit it.

We are GFD HOMES a part of the GFD Trading group of companies  a group comprising eight individual on line companies – they are all listed with links to each individual company on the GFD Trading web site.

The company was one of the first to use the medium of the internet to sell doors and windows – started some dozen years ago with two sites Global Door which has  stood the test of time and “Fusion Door” (now defunct ) but which evolved into Timber Composite Door we have grown in a very controlled manner to our present size – a company that has successfully served both the private customer (see our Trust Pilot reviews) and the trade for all of those years.

The latest addition to our Group of companies is –

where we have carefully analysed and selected the very best of the products we sell and coordinated them and put them in one location so whether it be a –

one off door, window, Bi fold, lantern light, rooflight etc

or any above the above to fit an extension

or any of the above for a new build

we have the experience, knowledge and know how to make your project work for you and that is whether you are looking for a supply only or a full planning assistance design supply and install package.

Sit in your favourite armchair, switch on the lap top find the GFD Homes web site and let the adventure begin – make your selections and leave the rest to us.

But that’s not all – we also as part of our group operate an online company called Eurosecure which as the name suggests provides all the products that you need to ensure your home is secure, which among its range of products includes the full Ultion range of locks (the Ultion is recognised as the most secure lock currently available for the domestic market) . As with all of our sites we are constantly reviewing and upgrading and Eurosecure is in the process of its latest makeover where it has been re modelled with an enlarged product range of “smart” products, locks, video door bells, CCTV systems etc a range that encompasses multiple manufacturers to provide our customers with the option of choice. Eurosecure is getting smart-er is one of our most recent blogs on the site giving an incite into the changes we are making which by the time you come to read this will hopefully be fully in operation.

Come rain come shine fitting your home with new doors, windows rooflights etc has never been easier particularly because all of our web sites are linked – look on any GFD group company web site for the logo of any one of our sister companies and you can move seamlessly between them as we stated earlier we have been around for along time we have the experience, the knowledge and the know how why not give us a try.