Everything in life has a cost

So, picture the scene; You are finally building your dream home. You have so far managed to navigate your way through a global pandemic with the financial means to have everything just the way you want it. You are truly winning the game of life. However there is a downside, you have a business to run, deadlines to meet, kids to take to Judo and a better half to keep happy. You already know you want new entrance doors and aluminium casement windows and your orangerie really could do with one of those fancy roof lanterns that the Robinson’s just had fitted. What about your outdoor space though? Your budget allows for a new hot tub to relax in, and what is a hot tub without just the right style of composite decking to sit it on or a verandah to cover it and keep the rain off? We do live in the UK after all. So many things to think about!

You finally find that you have somehow managed to shoehorn ten minutes of scouring multiple websites into your already hectic day while you stuff down a bagel on your tube to work, but there are so many options out there and each option has its own set of options to consider! You don’t have the time for this, you could be doing something else.

It’s 2021 and the price of EVERYTHING has gone up this year, so it’s pretty safe to say that the cost of your time must have gone up too, right? Petrol, your weekly shop and energy bills have all seen some fairly excessive price hikes this year and what is time but another commodity?

TAKE A BREATH, WE HAVE YOU COVERED! What you need is a one-stop shop. An online retailer with the ability to cater for all your needs simultaneously, saving you a whole lot of time, energy and ultimately… money.

“From soup to nuts”

Grammartist.com attributes the term “From Soup to nuts” as being an idiom coined in America in the early 1800s that means “from the beginning to the end, the whole thing, the entire gamut”. The term originated from a full course meal that started with a soup course and ended with a course of port and nuts, yum? The term is also said to have roots in the Latin phrase ab ovo usque ad mala which means from egg to apple. NB, your author today learned early on to always relate their writing topic to things that they are passionate about, and as my post-lockdown waistline suggests I really love my food!

What does this have to do with a one-stop shop I hear you ask? A one-stop shop is a retailer that offers a multitude of products all under one roof (or domain, it is the age of the internet after all). These types of retailers or organisations are often also referred to as being “full service” or “soup to nuts”. That subheading all of a sudden makes a lot more sense I bet.

The above being said, a one-stop shop is a place where you can get everything that relates to a particular need that you have in one place. If you need to withdraw money, discuss a mortgage and look at potential loans, you go to a bank. When it’s time to do your weekly shop you visit a supermarket. Why? Because it’s easier than visiting a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker (see what I did there?) all in one trip. In short, one-stop shops make YOUR life EASIER.

Taking the pain away from online shopping

The benefits of using a one-stop shop should by now be pretty evident. They take the pain away from shopping and give you the peace of mind of knowing that you can get everything you need in one place! Further benefits of using a one-stop shop are:

  1. A better customer experience: the company does all the hard work for you by finding the best products on the market and presents them all to you in one place. This can save you valuable time and effort that could be spent on other more important things.
  2. A Single point of contact: building your dream home involves a lot of different tradesmen and suppliers. Let a team of industry experts liaise with them all for you who already know all of the jargon and what to expect.
  3. Money, money money: one-stop shops save you some of your hard earned cash. By using a single provider for your project you aren’t paying multiple suppliers multiple mark-ups. Using one supplier often comes with discounted rates that you won’t find by going directly to a supplier.
  4. Multi-disciplined experts: why spend your time speaking to experts from multiple fields when you can go to one place who can provide you access to expert level industry knowledge on a range of different products.
  5. Convenience: using one company for all of your needs provides you with a simple, hassle free and straightforward solution.
  6. Faster turnarounds – using a company that has existing relationships with a number of suppliers can often offer you access to faster turnaround times meaning your needs are met in a much more timely manner.

Why GFD homes?

If you are looking for one place that meets all your fenestration needs, come to us at GFD Homes and let us make your dream home a reality. We are a complete solution for all of your windows, doors and glazed roofing needs. Not only can we offer you access to a catalogue of everything you need, our expert staff will give you peace of mind by project managing your idea as it comes to life, covering every aspect from the initial quote to surveying, producing CAD images and arranging installation. Can you really afford to go elsewhere?

Once you have got your dream house sorted, move on to your garden and let our sister site GFD Living enhance your outdoor space!

By Calum Howell