We may all like to think that we are so methodical that we do not need them but for most of us Checklists have become a way of life – from the simplest of forms for example the family weekly shop to the most complex of engineering schedules/lists – the checklist is with us to stay.

It is the simplest of ways to monitor tasks and ensure that we achieve our objectives and, in many instances, it is the very thing that highlights the omissions in our thinking- would you have remembered the strawberry jam if it had not been on your list?

Building projects are a perfect example – you have been planning your new extension meticulously – the architectural brief – the selection of the builder – the agreement of the main elements of the specification the colour of the bricks, the roof tiles etc the planning approvals – all successfully completed. You wanted a little more time to consider the more aesthetic aspects – the doors, windows etc – there is so much to choose from – but now you are pretty sure you have cracked it.

Bi fold Doors – Check GFD Homes

New Windows -Check GFD Homes

New Composite Stable Door to kitchen  -Check Timber Composite Doors via GFD Homes

New Lantern light to flat roof – Check GFD Homes

Those nice people at GFD Homes were a real find they were able to organise your every need they talked you through the various specifications and product benefits and they included both a survey and full installation service in their price and they agreed to work to your builder’s programme.

You were feeling pretty pleased with yourself – that is until you were chatting in the pub last night and one simple question came up that completely threw you –

“What are you doing about security – Video door bells, CCTV high security locks etc” and of course you went a little sheepish because if there was one item that was missing from your checklist this was it.

This morning your first call of the day was to GFD Homes to check out the security of the locking system on your new Stable Door – you were very reassured when you were advised that your door came with the Ultion lock – the one recognised by the industry as one of the most secure currently available – and it just got better when the extremely pleasant young lady asked if there was anything else with which she could help. Your response of “Not unless you sell video door locks or CCTV security cameras” brought a most unexpected response –

“Well actually sir, we don’t but our sister company “Eurosecure” specialises in all of your security household needs including both of the items that you have mentioned and much more just take a look at their web site – if you see what you want either speak to them direct, or if you would prefer let us know and we can coordinate all of your requirements into one order”

Somewhat surprised you stammered your “you could do that” response “most certainly sir just let us know your requirements” she responded.

Tonight, you will be visiting the “Eurosecure” web site selecting your security requirements – updating your checklist and tomorrow you will be giving that pleasant young lady at GFD another call to increase your order.

At GFD Homes we are always pleased to help to ensure that your checklists are complete and work – we may not be able to build the bricks and mortar or fit out the electrics for your new extension (but watch this space – someday soon)  but for anything fenestration or domestic security we have a company within the GFD Trading Group that can service your needs.