You look forward to them with anticipation a welcome break from the routine  of work days – you plan and you hope the weather will not let you down, a barbeque with friends, a day at the beach a bit of gardening – and then cometh the day cancel everything as the weather takes over. We know it’s not always like that we do occasionally get warm and sunny bank holidays better than the norm of grey leaden skies unseasonably cold weather and just to round it off a fair old breeze to make it seem even colder.

What do you do for a plan B to save your next Bank Holiday weekend

A bit of DIY, nice idea but that generally necessitates a visit to the local DIY which means venturing out into the elements

A visit to the local Garden centre – same problem as last with the added problem of planting your purchases – rarely fun in the rain

Keeping the kids amused with endless board games – but can you really compete with their tablets or phones.

Look on the internet for a holiday for the next Bank Holiday

Or maybe combine all of the above –

Look on the internet for ways to improve your home (the kids are the experts so they can help) – you want something that will add value and will make you want to spend more of your holidays as staycations – something that will open up your home to the garden for those occasional glorious summer days – solution a new set of bi fold doors.

Or if you are a bit more ambitious, possibly a full extension with a lantern glass roof, a new bi fold door some nice new windows and maybe a patio door from the kitchen.

How better a way to spend your rainy Bank Holiday than visiting the web site that can supply all of the above in a fast efficient and cost efficient manner and that web site is GFD Homes – the place to go when you want to make dream homes a reality.

 GFD Homes – where you will find the best of all of our products taken from all of our other sites all set out in an easy to understand format on a brand-new web site and if you want to refer back to any of these other sites just follow the appropriate links

Timber Composite Doors and Global Door cfor the very best in composite doors they continue to go from strength to strength and they have been joined by

Composite Door Prices – we do the work and vet our preferred doors to make life easier for our customers.

BiFold Door Prices – as last but for Bi folds and also includes windows, rooflights and lantern light

WarmCore Homes – for specialist Aluminium Bi folds

Eurosecure – for all of your domestic household security needs

A dream kitchen extension where the bi folds, lantern light , windows and doors can all be supplied by a GFD Group company – when the sun does not shine could there be a better way to spend your Bank Holiday